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Track Chain Track Chain Track Chain 

Berco offers the widest selection of track chains for every application
• For track-type machines ranging in class from 1 to 300 tons
• Suitable for XR, XL, LGP and TSK undercarriages
• Ultra low temperature (-50°C) version available
• Heavy Duty Chains version with Extreme Wear Resistance Bushings available as an option

Why Berco is Your Best Undercarriage Value
Berco Heavy Duty sealed & lubricated track chains have been specifically designed for increased pin & bushing retention. Track link incorporates greater pin-to-link and bushing-to-link contact areas while additional link wear material increases component life.
Heavy Duty chains are also available in the version with Extreme Wear Resistance Bushings for maximum life in high abrasion environment. Exclusive heat treatment gives Berco links consistent surface hardness, superior hardened depth and strong core hardness.
Berco pins & bushings are dimensionally matched to the links and manufactured to provide excellent track joint reliability, while the design ensures maximum sealability. All this results in excellent wear resistance, strength and durability for superior sealability and longer life.
Heavy duty track chains work best in moderate to high impact conditions and they are ideal for rocky conditions, logging, reforestation, side sloping and for uneven terrain. Heavy duty track chains with Extreme Wear Resistance Bushings, work best in high abrasion/low impact applications.

The Process and Materials
• Track links are forged from deep hardening low alloyed boron steels with certified hardenability based on Berco’s specification.
• Links are quenched & tempered for tough and strong core hardness, superior strength and higher pin & bushing retention..
• Rail surface induction hardened (HRC 53) to the wear limit (HRC > 45)..
• Final furnace tempering reduces link chipping and spalling.
• Bushings are treated in a special furnace for high temperature carburizing.
• Pins are deep hardened for best resistance to wear and fatigue.