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Berco offers the widest selection of track shoes for every application

• Over 50 different profiles of Single, Double and Triple grouser shoes
• Many different shoe configurations such as width, chamfered holes, mud holes, and clipped corners
• Cast steel shoes: Self-cleaning (swamp type) to be used in sticky type soils and flat type for running on concrete or hard surfaces
• Forged shoes for special applications like mining
• Rubberized, polyurethane and rubber clamped-on steel shoes, typically used on paving machines
• Over 4,000 different shoes, to match any chain or application
• Shoes for machines with a chain pitch ranging 3.97” – 13.78” (100 – 350mm)

Track Shoe Track Shoe Track Shoe
Single Grouser Shoes
Typically for dozers when grip and traction are the main factors.
Chain Pitch 4.9" -- 12.5"
Double Grouser Shoes
Typically for loaders when medium traction and maximum maneuverability are needed.
 Chain Pitch 4.0” -- 11.3”
Triple Grouser Shoes
Typically for excavators, when a firm grip, low ground pressure and maneuverability are needed.
 Chain Pitch 4.9” – 9.0”

Why Berco is Your Best Undercarriage Value
Berco Track Shoes are through hardened and stress relieved to guarantee excellent wear, high strength and resistance to bending and breakage resulting in longer shoe life.

The Process and Materials
• Heavy duty rolled steel profiles
• Low alloyed Boron Steels with certified hardenability based on Berco specification
• Surface hardness HRC 47 for reduced wear and longer life
• Precise designs carefully manufactured for proper fit

Track Shoe Track Shoe Track Shoe