r&d Berco Group

Innovation and R&D are fundamental components of Berco’s activities and have played a key part in gradually consolidating the company’s market position. To achieve this objective Berco focuses on: introducing efficient, innovative technology capable of extending average component life thus reducing operative costs orienting business activities towards product and process improvement, by increasing production efficiency and boosting the value generated by all processes reducing time-to-market by making a wide range of instruments available to technicians and engineers to cut the new design validation time.
R&D is developed in synergy by technicians operating in various areas, such as Technical, Quality, Product Support and Production Engineering, and often in close collaboration with customers. Assisted design tools and other technological instruments are exploited during engineering and prototyping to design, test and optimise each single part before building it.
The Berco metallurgical laboratory has specific skills and sophisticated instruments to valid products in all fields of use. Reliability tests are carried out on undercarriage components to compare durability and performance in various fields of application. Viewing techniques and artificial intelligence are developed for automatic inspection of each single part to reduce faults practically to zero. Huge efforts are devoted to developing new materials and fine-tuning heat treatment processes in order to guarantee superior, durable products.